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Wedding in Mexico - Jacquelyn & Zach

Wedding couple against the pacific ocean in the sunset of Puerto Vallarta

These two fellows came down to Mexico to make their dream wedding come true, it was the perfect Mexican Style wedding with mariachi and fireworks, filled with confetti, friends and family to spice it up. Thank you Jacquelyn and Zach to bring your sense of humor and warmth for me to capture, and thank you Lindsay and Gabi for putting all the pieces together.

Venue: Hotel Playa Fiesta

Coordination: Lindsay and Gabi

Second photographer: Abraham Solares Photography

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Destination Wedding Mexico - Nicole & Aaron

Wedding couple standing on the top of the rocks near the ocean in the Mexican pacific during the sunset

This story begins with an engagement ring, once Nicole said YES! to Aaron, all the wheels started spinning to get all the friends and family into the Pacific side of Mexico, more clearly into Puerto Vallarta to celebrate their wedding, the vibe was cool from the begining in the room where the girls were getting ready (nice playlist Nikki), my favorite image for this wedding was when Nicole's father had to give her away, thank you for the vows that cleared the tears with laughs, and allow the celebration to continue with joy, margaritas (thanks Charlie for those drinks) and dance......oh yes the sweet dance floor was very well used.

Venue: Playa Fiesta

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Destination Wedding Mexico - John & Nirm

Gay couple's abstract portrait in blue and yellow with a silhouette of one man on a window and his husband on the blue spot

I am always glad to shoot and capture destination weddings in new places I haven't been before, John and Nirmalpal asked me to photograph their wedding at Casa Muni, located in the south hills of Puerto Vallarta (Amapas). The whole celebration felt like a reunion among friends, even to me, that I had the pleasure to hear again the incredible voice of Amy Armstrong, whom had a double part on this big day, as the minister marrying them, and as the dinner entertainment singing with Bohemia Viva.


Venue: Casa Muni

Design and coordination: Talbot Ross Events

Singer and Minister: Amy Armstrong

Special thanks to Ricardo Grajeda: Reelove Wedding Cinematography

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Le Kliff destination wedding - Ashlee & Travis

Wedding couple's portrait at Le Kliff restaurant on the sunset, the bride is in silhouette and the groom is under the flash's light

I have been following Ashlee and Travis on Instagram for a couple of months before the wedding, and I was able to see a bit more of who they are and how much they invest into their perfectly fit bodies (WOW!), but what actually caught my attention was the story of how they met, something I wouldn't think it was even possible, but the legend goes like this:

Travis followed Ashlee on Instagram, they share likes until Travis sends her a shirtless selfie, Ashlee's reaction was WOWZA! and that is a short version of why they started dating and ultimately having a destination wedding in Mexico.

Assistant photographer: Patricia Mendez

Venue: Le Kliff

Wedding Coordination: Kelley for Younique Vallarta Weddings


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Krista & Ryan - Playa Fiesta Puerto Vallarta

Krista & Ryan got married in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Eder Acevedo Mexico  Destination Photographer

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