Wedding in Mexico - Natalie & Skylar

Bride and groom laying on the foot of a spiral staircase.

Wedding day story at Villa Magnifico in Mismaloya.

When I heard that this wedding was planned for Villa Magnifico, I had to go first and check out all about this place that I had never seen before, well.... let me just say that the name does justice to the property, the wedding and the couple. The clouds were there the whole day, but nothing stopped Natalie and Skylar or the guests to had a great time, the rain showed up on the precise moment when we started to do the couple's portraits so we only had a few minutes to take a fist full of shots, the cameras got wet, the assistant got wet (thank you John Neri) and obviously the newlyweds, it definately payed off, by the way. The night cleared up for the mariachi band, dancing and churros (with ice cream!!!!) to wrap the whole magnifico day.

Thank you Natalie and Skylar, not only for allowing me to capture your destination wedding day story, but also for putting up with me even tho you ended up getting a little wet on your wedding clothes whitout being a trash the dress.

I would like to add, that when I asked them on a pre-wedding interview: Is there a deal-breaker for you to be together?, Skylar didn’t even think about it and just reply: “…I don’t think there is anything we can’t overcome or work together to solve…”

Planning and design: Kelley from Younique Vallarta Weddings

Venue: Villa Magnifico

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Destination Wedding Mismaloya - Haviland & Ayal


Haviland and Ayal got married at the glorious Casa Kalista located in the Mismaloya hill with and impressive view of Mismaloya beach, but before the ceremony took place, we head a little bit inside Mismaloya town to have a couple of portraits done outside a tequila factory (unfortunately it was closed while we were there, so we had to do it completely sober), after the ceremony the drinks freshen the wedding guests at the pool while sunset gave us a touch of warmth with its colours, and the cherry on the cake was to witness guest from all range of ages showing their way to shake the booty.


Venue: Casa Kalista

Design and coordination: Kelley from Younique Vallarta Weddings

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Mismaloya/Yelapa wedding - Maryam & Chris

Bride standing behind the groom at Yelapa's river

Where do I begin to tell the story of Maryam and Chris, when I witness laughs, hugs, kisses, donkeys (that is right donkeys) rivers, a waterfall, flying money and two crazy families?? I know, my type of weddings, this couple teach me that fun is essential to fall in love, that humor ease the day by day living, and that building dreams should not be that serious, I believe I have grown a little bit more just by knowing them, and had share a few jokes.


Venue: Barceló / Mismaloya

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