Destination Wedding - Jenny & Doug

Bride and groom standing at the beginning of a tunnel next to a palm plant 

Hacienda San Angel in Puerto Vallarta has a beautiful catholic decor all around, which looks great for this wedding, the designer/planner couldn't have possibly made a better job with all the details and setup for this celebration, but none of that would have mattered, if the couple weren't just perfect for each other, every soul agree in the dining area while watching trillions of photos as prove, little ones and not so little ones had a smile or a WOW! drew on their faces, so thank you Jenny and Doug for creating moments, capturing them and let us see how much love is there in your hearts.

Venue: Hacienda San Angel
Designer/Planner: Kelley from Younique Vallarta Weddings


Eder Acevedo

Destination wedding photographer, specialized in creative portraits and capturing feelings and emotions throughout your wedding day

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