Chilean/Mexican wedding on the beach - Pamela & Carlos

Couple over the rocks with waves crashing below them and the sun setting behind them.

Pamela from Chile and Carlos from Mexico, met in New Zealand and throw a spell to invoque all of their craziest friends and family on a Mexican pacific beach , some from Mexico, some from Chile and of course, as their gang was in NZ, some from all over the globe.

It was a great celebration with some traditions from both birth countries, a few new ones, dance like there was not a tomorrow and, why not, a beer drinking contest, but first things…first, they went to the church to get married in front of the eyes of God, Carlos told me, just a couple of family members will show up, and to their surprise, there was a lot more that they were expecting, just tell them how much Pamela and Carlos are loved by everyone in Mexico, where their new life will take place.

Venue: Mayan Palace



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Wedding in the top of the Sierra Madre - Joel & Jesus

Gay couple wearing tuxedos walking over the Jorullo Bridge at the Canopy River park before their wedding ceremony.

From the bottom of my heart: I couldn't be more proud and privilege to have been a witness of the union I captured on this day, Joel and Jesus are friends of mine since quite a while, and for that reason I felt more connected, most of my work is on the beach, but this celebration took place on the top of a mountain, surrounded by the Sierra Madre, something a little different, it is not often to me that I get to be in a place like this, epic!

The ceremony was beautiful and the weather was perfect, the day was simply memorable, but above all, particularly for me the pinnacle of this wedding was, when at certain moment during the reception Joel and Jesus grab the microphones, stepped into the scenario and started singing in the most meaningful way from deep within their souls, like singing is ment to be, like love is ment to be...and I was there.

Venue: Canopy River Park
Coordination and Design: Mago Romero



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Wedding in Mexico - Natalie & Skylar

Bride and groom laying on the foot of a spiral staircase.

When I heard that this wedding was planned for Villa Magnifico, I had to go first and check out all about this place that I had never seen before, well.... the name does justice to the property, the wedding and the couple. The clouds were there the whole day, but nothing stopped them or the guests to had a great time, the rain showed up on the precise moment we started to do the couple's portraits so we only had a few minutes to take a fist full of shots, the cameras got wet, the assistant got wet (thank you John Neri) and obviously the newlyweds, it definately payed off, by the way. The night cleared up for the mariachi band, dancing and churros (with ice cream!!!!) to wrap the whole magnifico day.

Thank you Natalie and Skylar, not only for allowing me to capture your destination wedding day story, but also for putting up with me even tho you ended up getting a little wet on your wedding clothes whitout being a trash the dress.

And I would like to add, that when I asked them on a pre-wedding interview: Is there a deal-breaker for you to be together?, Skylar didn’t even think about it and just reply: “…I don’t think there is anything we can’t overcome or work together to solve…”

Planning and design: Kelley from Younique Vallarta Weddings

Venue: Villa Magnifico



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Destination Wedding in Mexico - Jessica & Waide

Bride and groom laughing facing each other outside a Mexican styled facade.

One from England the other from Australia, they met in Canada and came down to Mexico to celebrate their union and get a nice tan before going back to snowboard, thanks Jessica and Waide for letting me capture your destination wedding day story.

When Waide asked me for their portraits to look Mexican, I immediately went to the facades all over downtown and old town, as for me the visual components and colors says and sometimes screams: VIVA MEXICO!!!

Venue: Hyatt Ziva



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FEARLESS Award - Mexico wedding photographer

Here we go again...

Today I am grateful of receiveing one more Fearless Award from collection 44, one (if not the only) of the hardest recongnition in wedding photography to earn. It did not came easily, as there has been some lessons that I had to struggle with, but at the end, the trouble is what makes victory so sweet, thank you to the three judges from whom I receive the award Andrea Corsi (Italy) , Ken Pak (USA) and Lina Orsino-Allen (UK), to my wife Patricia Mendez, who has always been there kicking my butt and putting me into place everytime I want to take a shortcut, and beware, I threaten to be back with more of these, I don't know how long it will take me, but I will do it..!!


There has been a couple of years now since I started following the directory with most wedding photographer members, in here you will find a broad collection of unique, interesting, funny and mind-blowing images from weddings around the world.

I applied to be a member a year ago, and during the various collection I send my best images, to be considered for an award, finally, collection 33rd was the charm, and today am very proud to share with all my first (and hopefully not my last) Fearless Award (YAAAAAY!!!)

I am always trying to send images that the curators will find perfect to publish as Photo of the Day , something that I already accomplished once and felt great too, but I wanted to make a blog post for my first award and not just for being published.

Did I mention that is not that easy to get one of this "Fearless Awards"? seriously I am competing against all of the best wedding photographers from around the world, and for collection 33rd they only gave 123 awards from thousands and thousands of images sent for consideration, so yes, today I feel proud and rest assure that I will be pushing myself harder to be a better photographer day by day, always staying humble and grateful for being blessed with couples, friends and family that help me to keep doing what I love.


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