Hotel Boutique Montecruz, Atemajac - Cinthia & Jaime

Bride and groom on their wedding ceremony at Hotel Boutique Montecruz in Atemajac, the bride is crying .

En esta ocasión tuve el honor de acompañar a un gran amigo y extraordinario colega, Jorge Romero, por lo que agradezco a Cinthia y Jaime por soportar nuestras locuras durante el día de su union.

Lo mejor de esta boda fue el hecho de que amigos y familiares se dieron cita fuera de la ciudad de Guadalajara, en el Hotel Boutique Montecruz, localizado en el pueblo de Atemajac, Jalisco, el cual tiene una vibra de naturaleza y lujo entre las montañas como ningún otro; a pesar de la llovizna, las emociones, la alegría y el amor salieron a darle el toque único a esta celebración.

Lugar: Hotel Boutique Montecruz



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Destination Wedding Yelapa Mexico - Caitlin & Noe

Bride and groom leaning against a column with "I <3 Yelapa" painted on, and the sun setting in the background.

Yelapa.....that magical town far outside Puerto Vallarta, where many writters and many other people go looking for a quiet place to enjoy the beauty of the simple life, no stress, no drama and no cell phone signal (on most of the town); Only accesible by water, there is no road that take you there, so, just jump on a water-taxi and from the begining of your trip, it already feels like an adventure, and oh my God! did I mention about the famous pies from Yelapa??

Well, this is where Caitlin and Noe took me to witness and capture their love adventure, and I loved each and every moment there, with their kids, family and friends that made the union even better, tears that I was expecting and some that I didn't, I think it was all the magic from Yelapa working

Venue: MiraMar Yelapa
Coordination and design: Kendra from MiraMar


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Wedding Sayulita Mexico - Cara & Robb

Bride and groom standing on the beach with the sunset in the background and the bride's veil floating in the air.

On the meeting in person I had with Cara and Robb I asked them a few questions, and Cara commented that it will be a deal-breaker for her if Robb ever losses his ability to face problems with peaceful like a rock, they also told me they had planned their own wedding and two days before this, they still had no place for the ceremony, which made me think: " is when I get to see Robb's potential..."

Believe it or not, I was more stressed than anyone else in their wedding day, but Robb never lost his focus and patience, and Cara's trust in her man was always present, cause just like going to the grocery store, every item on the list was checked with time to spare, so, thank you Cara and Robb for showing me your love and strenght..!!

Venue: Casa Rana Verde
Coordination and design: Cara & Robb (yes the couple did and planned every single thing)



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Wedding Bucerias Mexico - Jamie & John

Bride and groom standing on the beach during the sunset through a lens flare.

Jamie and John is what you can call an outdoorsy, fun, wild and sombrero battling couple, it only took 5 minutes to connect with them and their story, we started on Los Muertos Beach in Sayulita with a prewedding portrait session that made us three feel free and in tune with each other, and for that I will be forever thankful.

On the day of the wedding we started at Iberostar Punta Mita with the hair, make-up and drinks to kick off the day with the right foot, time to go to Martoca Beach Garden in Bucerias, NAY. for the last touch-ups and align for the wedding ceremony, don't get me wrong, love was always part of the day, as for an incredible wedding day story as this two had, a lot of it needs to be in the equation......oh and "sombreros", yes, cause what would be a destination wedding in Mexico without sombreros?

Venue, Design and coordination: Martoca Beach Garden

Second shooter and flash assistant: Cristian Perucca

Make up and hairstyle: Jigsaw For Hair INC

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Destination Wedding Mexico - Jennifer & Matthew

Bride and groom under a bridge with best man and matron of honor over the bridge with mexican sunset in the background.

I really have no words to describe this story, many stars aligned for them, for my lens and for me during this day, I hope their married life is as adveturous as their wedding day was, the couple had no friends comming to the wedding.....ALL FAMILY!!

Venue: Hyatt Ziva 
Flash assistant: Abraham Solares



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