Wedding in Mexico - Alex & Kevin

Gay couple standing in the sun light with a dark door behind and about to kiss, at the main entrance at La Mansion Vallarta villa.

When I decided to capture Alexander and Kevin's story, all I knew was that there was going to be a welcome party with all the friends and family; no one ever tells you that even at a pre-wedding gathering the dancing and excitement will be part of the celebration, a surprise to all the guests with fire-dancers and the yelling "sexy" from the crowd put the cherry on the top, just for the beggining of this love story.

Ceremony at the romantic sunset of Puerto Vallarta and a rocking first dance from the grooms, that included lighted up sneakers and exact timing moves with the fireworks, made an spectacular evening that is going to be really hard for all the wedding guest to forget.

Wedding venue: La Mansion Vallarta
Welcome Party venue: Mantamar
Design and coordination: Talbot Ross Events

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Destination Wedding Mexico - Anna & Adam

Recently married couple sitting in the rocks inside the pacific ocean with waves passing them behind.

First wedding of 2018, Anna and Adam were so kind in inviting me to capture and tell their story on one of the best and most unforgetable day, of this union. Thank you Graham for the idea that lead to the cover photo "We are past that phase".

Venue: Hotel Playa Fiesta
Cinematography: Graham from Mattock Imagery

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Destination Wedding Mexico - Ani & Taron

Silhouette of groom and bride at sunset on the Now Amber Puerto Vallarta platform

Ani and Taron wedding day story took place at the Now Amber resort in Puerto Vallarta, the whole day, since the getting ready part of both of them, it was filled with music and dancing, aunts and mommas gathered on Ani's room to cheer everyone's spirit with more music and more dancing, and the bride wasn't even dressed yet, WOW! what a way to start your wedding day, thank you guys for inviting me to capture your unbreakable love for each other.

Venue: Now Amber Puerto Vallarta
Second shooter: Cristian Perucca from Crearts Photography
Cinematography: Sandra Briones from Still & Motion Storytellers

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Boda Destino Nuevo Vallarta - Itzel & Horacio

Groom and bride standing side by side near the pacific ocean and covered in colorful holi powder

No es difícil describir a una pareja con tanto amor del uno por el otro solo con palabras, coloridos, así es su historia y así los vi en todo momento durante los días que he tenido la fortuna de compartir el tiempo con Itzel y Horacio, gracias por colorearnos!!

Diseño y coordinación: Emmotions EP
Lugar: Marival
Maquillaje: Omar Alatorre

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Destination Norway/Mexican Wedding - Christine & Alonso

Silhouette of the groom and bamboo grid while bride stands under the light during sunset in the Mexican pacific

You can't really start the fun without making your own piña coladas, after that, everything can happen, the blender not working, family gathering for a selfie, toast, hugs, tears, games, diapers, the beach and the Mexican heat, beautiful sunset, candles, feet in the air, and above all......friends, life will always be like that; what was I talking about? oh, yeah, cheers to Christine and Alonso, may you have a happy adventure together..!!

Design and coordination: Gretel from
Wedding Venue:
Rehearsal dinner venue:

Second shooter:

Cinemtography: Ric Grajeda from


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