Boda destino en Puerto Vallarta - Alejandra & Charly

 Bride and groom against the romantic mexican sunset with a game of silhouette geometry

Gracias Alejandra y Charly por permitirme estar tan cerca de su honestidad, sus almas y sus mas valiosas joyas, hablo de todos y cada uno de sus amigos y familiares que que hicieron el festejo de su boda único, fresco y salvaje..!!

Diseño y coordinación:  Emmotions EP
Lugar:  Sheraton Buganvilias
Asistente de flash:  Joel Avdel


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Destination wedding Mexico - Adele & Todd

 Bride hugs the groom from behind with palm trees in the background, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

I can assure you wont find more kisses on any other group or family than what I found on Adele and Todd's story, and this crazy bunch not only they are known for sharing love indiscriminately, but for their risky dance moves, YES I said it (or wrote it for that matter)..!!

Wedding venue: Martoca Beach Garden

Design and coordination: Kelley from Younique Vallarta Weddings

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Destination wedding Mexico - Amanda & Derek

 Groom and bride kissing under the beautiful sunset in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Kids! awww beatiful children that just makes things, any thing, even weddings...interesting, kids of all ages that make playful their lifestyles. Thank you Amanda and Derek, for giving me full access to your feelings and connection.

Wedding venue: Hotel Playa Fiesta

Design and coordination: Gabi from Playa Fiesta

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La Mansion Vallarta wedding- Leigha & Darren

 Married couple of groom and bride through the chairs with a magnificent sunset in the background.

I love happy couples, I mean who doesn't? but CRAZY couples just like Leigha and Darren, that's "mi mero mole" (<- I guess you need to learn spanish to understand this as I can't quite translate it to english), crazy for each other, crazy and uncommon, non-traditionalist, free in their own skin, smiles and the kind of friends that surround them, those who live to see what the world can surprise them with this time...anyway, enough with the words, let's begin with the moments on this smiley, crazy and free wedding.

Wedding venue: La Mansion Vallarta

Thank you Cristian Perucca for being such an amazing second shooter

Make-up and Hair stylist: Irene Guerediaga

Design and coordination: Kelley from Younique Vallarta Weddings

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Wedding in Mexico - Alex & Kevin

 Gay couple standing in the sun light with a dark door behind and about to kiss, at the main entrance at La Mansion Vallarta villa.

When I decided to capture Alexander and Kevin's story, all I knew was that there was going to be a welcome party with all the friends and family; no one ever tells you that even at a pre-wedding gathering the dancing and excitement will be part of the celebration, a surprise to all the guests with fire-dancers and the yelling "sexy" from the crowd put the cherry on the top, just for the beggining of this love story.

Ceremony at the romantic sunset of Puerto Vallarta and a rocking first dance from the grooms, that included lighted up sneakers and exact timing moves with the fireworks, made an spectacular evening that is going to be really hard for all the wedding guest to forget.

Wedding venue: La Mansion Vallarta
Welcome Party venue: Mantamar
Design and coordination: Talbot Ross Events

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